Night out with the seniors

Had a great time last night at an expensive, upscale bar/restaurant in downtown Dallas--Perry's Steakhouse. We wanted to hear a jazz singer and pianist who performed at the Senior Activity Center where my friends are members. Here's the group, having a great time together.



05-18-2017 Just had someone in Michigan make my day!

It's been many years since I have been to the cemetery where my sister and grandmother are burried. After a lot of searching and communication with my mother over Skype... I thought I had found it. A lady back east who is now retired took up the hobby of recording grave sites around her area and I happened across the web site containing all of the photos she had taken over the past few years, complate with names, the locations of the cemeteries and the dates the photos were taken. I reached out to her via e-mail and today... she replied. I am so happy that she did as it turns out the location I thought was correct, was in fact just a few miles away from the actual location. Looking at the location from Google Map, now looks so familiar to me. My wife and I will be visiting the grave sites very soon.

Many many thanks to this kind lady for all of her hard work. She has reached out across the country with it and touched the lives of a few people here and in Texas.


03-2017 Civil War Reenactment at the AGSEM


Well… I’m sure glad that we finally did go to witness a ‘Civil War Reenactment’ event at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista yesterday. I’ve never been much of one for any of these “mach gun fights” or the like as it always seemed to be just some cheesy thing to me. As a child in school I was never really interested in history either but my fascination with it grew over the years. Particularly when it pertains to major national events such as the Civil War, WW I and WW II. The Civil War was perhaps one of the most significant events in American history.

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A classic e-mail fraud attempt.

These types of e-mail are nothing more than an attempt by the sender to cheat you out of whatever they can. Obviously people are still falling for this nonsense or these useless pieces of human garbage would not be trying this anymore.