Mama's social worker

Hi again, all.

A social worker named Lee Ann came to visit with mama to evaluate her level of benefits at this point and see if anything more can be done for her. These are the salient things we learned.

  • Mama has more than sufficient Medicare coverage; this explains why I have not been getting any bills from the home care service, New Hope.
  • She has too much monthly income to qualify to get Medicaid to pay for her pads. She says she is glad to continue paying for them herself, which gives me some relief.
  • Medicare will not pay for an affordable lifting chair. I learned from a friend with much experience in this realm that I can find a much more affordable one at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The ones that Medicare are willing to approve are far more expensive, and the portion I would have to pay exceeds those that are carried at Nebraska FM. I will explore that later this month.
  • Nathan has full power of attorney, both legal and medical, to speak for mama and to ensure that her wishes are followed at all times.
  • New Hope will not increase the frequency of their visits and the comprehensiveness of the care they provide until such an increase is warranted by mama's continued decline.



Mama's new window blinds

Hi again, all. Here's another update on what I'm doing to provide for mama.

Mama wanted me to take down her curtains and blinds and clean them. First, she had to remove her glass collection from a table that sits in front of the window and set them all on the bed.

After washing the window treatments and putting them back up, I asked mama if she wanted me to replace the old, worn-out, damaged blinds (black for maximum light blocking) with new cordless blinds (white). She said she would like that.

That was Memorial Day. The room looks very different. I'll post a few pictures.

Mayoral race in Irving, TX

Hi all. Here in Irving, we are having our race for Mayor.  I sent the same question to both the incumbent mayor, Rick Stopfer, and his challenger, Olivia Abreu, asking each one to specify for me how he/she differs from the other as a candidate. Below is the correspondence.

(Olivia's response, first)

 Olivia Novelo Abreu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good morning, Mike,

Please, accept my apologies for not responding earlier.  So here it goes, my thoughts on the Mayor’s candidacy...

I sincerely believe Mr. Stopfer has the best in mind for Irving, but I doubthe has walked in the shoes of most minorities in the city.

I earned a bachelor’s in accounting from a Mexican university, and both, my master’s and doctorate were granted by Columbia University and Texas A&M.  

From my early years to date, I have served in public and private sectors, retiring in 2010 from North Lake College. I taught ESL and Spanish. I have also been a volunteer in different non-profits, including personal work with the ones who need the most help. Having been exposed to so many cultures and languages has provided me an in depth education no books can cover.

I do not need to be the Mayor of Irving. I do not disagree with the fine job done by Mr Stopfer. But I know the City must evolve and probably, with someone like me, who knows and feels the passion of being a proud American citizen, can make the City even better.

Covid19 is changing the way we live. In all aspects of our world. I believe I have the necessary tools to handle the issues we will continue to face.

Elections have been postponed until November and I hope we can stay in touch to earn your confidence and vote.

For now, stay safe and healthy!


(My further question to Olivia)

So happy to  hear from you, Ms. Abreu.

Your education and experience are extensive. [Editor's note: Notice that I didn't say 'impressive'. She has been educated in the most vile hotspots of leftist indocrination in the country.] Please have patience with me, as I need to know more from both candidates before I can decide for whom to vote. This will be my last correspondence, and I will use your responses to inform other people in my circles, as well.

My original request was that you define exactly how you differ from Mayor Stopfer. Among the details of your curricula vitae, you specified only one as a direct comparison and have offered it as a superior qualification. This one is of great importance to me, since it hints at your moral judgment and values. Number 1, below, requests clarification on this claim. Although my questions are elaborately fleshed out, I am not so unreasonable as to expect a response for each bulleted point. They are there only to clarify exactly what I am asking you. Clarity is infinitely more important to me than agreement.

1. “…But I doubt he has walked in the shoes of most minorities in the city.”

  • How does your experience constitute a superior qualification for mayor?
  • On what parameters do you base your determination of who is a minority, especially when dealing with one individual? And, why are your chosen parameters important to you?
  • Do ‘most of the minorities (as you recognize them) in the city’ have any responsibility for their experiences in Irving, be those experiences pleasant or unpleasant?
  • As mayor, would you have a responsibility towards ‘minorities’ that is different and distinct from your responsibility towards non-minorities?  If so, please describe and justify the difference(s).

2. “I have also been a volunteer in different non-profits, including personal work with the ones who need the most help.”

  • How is this a qualification for mayor?
  • Can you clearly describe the ‘help’ you are referring to?
  • What parameters do you use to decide ‘who needs the most help’?

3. More about your work with non-profit organizations

  • Non-profit organizations are radically different from governing bodies.
  1. They are funded and executed voluntarily and not at the point of a gun (as is government).
  2. They are established to prosecute, in the agora, the purposes and intentions of those who voluntarily form and support them, not of the entire governed population at large, some of whom may not sign onto their agendas.
  3. They usually publish those purposes, as well as their activities, although doing so could put them at the risk of legal exposure should they drop the ball.

Would you, as mayor, seek to continue your eleemosynary activities using the resources of Irving taxpayers (and other taxpayers), grants from higher levels of government, and your position in city government?

4. Finally, and most broadly, what do you believe the purpose of city government is?


(I had to send her more questions when I realized I had missed a few things.)

Good afternoon, again, Ms. Abreu.

Pardon me, but I must renege on my earlier promise of last contact. Multi-tasking in my office has occasioned a huge oversight on my part: I must ask you to clarify what you mean by the following statements.

1. “Having been exposed to so many cultures and languages has provided me an in depth education no books can cover.”

  • Has this exposure inspired you to honor, preserve and promote the values, foundational philosophies and guiding principles that have made this country unique in the history of the world and one of the best civilizations that mankind has ever produced in which all people can participate, commensurate to the degree to which they sign onto it?
  • Or has your exposure convinced you to despise those values, foundational philosophies and guiding principles and seek to replace them with something else?
  • What do you believe about the inscriptions on our coins?
    • E pluribus unum
    • Liberty
    • In God we trust.

2. “But I know the City must evolve…”

Please delineate the salient characteristic of this evolution that you believe must be accomplished. In what ways would the result be better?

Again, regards,

I have received no responses from Mayor Stopfer, having cc'ed him the full text of my back-and-forth with Olivia.


Update on mam

Hi all. I have decided to begin giving you all occasional updates on how mama is doing and what I/we are doing to take care of her.

We did nothing special for her on Mothers' Day. In past years, we have always preferred to wait until the next Sunday in order to avoid huge crowds in the restaurants. Obviously, the current

"dress rehearsal for a police state" has obviated that concern; nevertheless, the force of habit prevailed this year, and Mothers' Day came and went with no observation on our part.

The following Sunday, I took her to an area of East Dallas we call the Swiss Avenue District where some of the older money and older mansions can be seen. I have no pictures of our outing--darn! Just forgot to pick up the phone until it was too late.

I bought her two bunches of small, multi-colored dianthus and left them in a lavendar-colored (one of her favorite colors) vase in the kitchen where everyone can enjoy them.

We have engaged a hospice service called New Hope that is paid for by her Medicare. They send a nurse to the house once per week to monitor her condition and report to the medical people who will use that constantly-updated information to ramp up her care, as needed, right up to the time of her death.

While driving around in Swiss Avenue District, she told me, 'I don't like that nurse.' 'What's wrong?' I asked. 'I don't know. I just don't like her.' So I got New Hope to send her a new nurse who showed up for the first time today. She likes him very much.

New Hope was sending a physical therapist whom she loved. He stopped coming for a while due to fear of COVID19--silly boy! I am trying to get them to restart his twice-weekly visits.

New Hope will soon send a social worker to talk to mama and find a way to get her pads paid for by Medicaid. They are quite expensive.

Future updates porbably won't be this long, and some will include pictures.