Last night mama told me that she had a bad spell yesterday afternoon while talking on the phone to a friend. Her cognitive clarity suddenly became miserably confused to the point where she could not express herself verbally. This scared her badly. "I may have had a small stroke," she said. She experienced no loss or impairment of motor function, only the extreme, alarming, sudden mental confusion.

While I was in the kitchen making toast for my breakfast this morning, she handed me this note:

"Michael: An MD came here to set up this program for visiting nurses/therapists. Do you know how to contact him? Maybe he can draw blood, or send someone who can?!?"

In reality, a case worker met with her to set up her current home health care program, not an MD.

I called Veronica, her current case worker at New Hope (the home care company), and asked her to arrange for a nurse or nurse practitioner to visit mama ASAP. "She interprets the experience as a stroke," I told her. "She is scared and wants to talk to a medical professional."

One of the nurses on staff was listening on speaker phone. She chimed in and expressed her agreement that a nurse practitioner would be a good choice. They promised to pull one of their people off his/her normal route to visit mama right away--if not today, then tomorrow.