Hi all.

Another update on mama.

Our mother needs a wheelchair to use only when she goes out of the house. The last thing she needs is to fall and break a bone or get a concussion. Her in-home health care service, New Hope, has gone to bat for her and has set the wheels (pun fully intended) in motion to get Abundant Life Medical Supply to issue her a suitable wheelchair at Medicaid's expense. Abundant Life needs the signed approval of a medical doctor here in Irving, Dr. Terrance Feehery, before they can get Medicaid to pay for it.

Two months have passed; still no wheelchair.

I decided to get more directly involved instead of passively leaving this in the hands of those people who already have a pile of requests for wheelchairs from thousands of Betty Lous. It has been like pulling teeth! However, I think I made a breakthrough this morning when I talked--AGAIN!--to Dr. Feehery's PA and the representative at Abundant Life Medical Supply (separately, of course). The latter finally volunteered to call Dr. Feehery herself and describe exactly what paperwork she needs and ask that he expedite it to her. Yesssss! I, the middle-man, have been eliminated.

I'll let you know as soon as I find out what happens next.

As for the lifting chair, I bought one at Nebraska Furniture Mart for $811, the one she picked out herself in the showroom. But when we got it set up in her room, and after she had sat in it for a few hours, she was in tears from pain. It just didn't fit her contours--especially not her tailbone which was dislocated many, many years ago. She was crying not only from the pain but also from shame, knowing that she had chosen that particular chair herself.

Well, I cheerfully assured her that I could bring back her old chair (a recliner, but not a lifter), and that I had no desire to subject her to such suffering just because of money!

Lanny and Debbye Stone, friends of mine, took the chair off my hands and gave it to Mis Melanie, Debbye's sister who is disabled, lives in their home, and--best of all--loves the chair. They offered to give me the lifting chair that Miss Melanie has been using for the past few weeks but did not prefer at all, compared to mama's. But that chair has a fabric upholstery which, mama wisely informed me, is not suitable due to mama's incontinence and occasional loss of bowel control.

So now, the Stones have two perfectly good lifting chairs, and I haven't lost a penny since mama has insisted on paying me back the $811, a bit at a time, month by month. "Don't argue with me." she advised. "Father God told me to do this."

How can I argue with that!? :-)