Here’s another polemic I had through email with the author of an article that was based on crap.

Dear Margot:

In your article published on "Insider" on June 17, 2020, titled... “High-profile white film editors tried to shut down a search for Black creators in a private Facebook group." gave yourself away as a supporter and an apologist for racism and fascism, right from the start.


It is obvious to any clear-thinking reader that your title is a lie. Nathan Bush, who started this thread on social media, was decrying the wave of fascism and racism that is currently sweeping the country and destroying the livelihoods of untold numbers of people. Furthermore, he was encouraging other readers to resist it lest they, too, become victims of the Chairman-Mao-style mob of sanctimonious, self-righteous, savage thugs, as did he.

But you were too dishonest to describe the social media thread truthfully. Or perhaps, too morally bankrupt to correctly read its patently obvious theme?

While you didn't take any care to do an intellectually honest reading of the thread, you certainly were most careful to specify the race of the resistors participating in the discussion. Obviously, race means more to you than moral standards and values. I am disgusted at your insistence at classifying human beings in the same way a morally enlightened person would classify only barnyard animals.

The Bible says, "As the man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Perhaps the "Woke Gospel According to Saint Margot" says, "According to the amount of melanin in the man's skin, so is he."

I was deeply dismayed that you were not clear-headed enough to identify this conflict for what it is--or perhaps, too cowardly to decry it. Instead, you vilified (by subtext, not by explicit invectives, I grant you) those who do have the clear-sightedness and courage to openly defy and decry it, such as Nathan Bush. Instead, you supported and promulgated the words of your fellow fascist apologist, and fellow racist, Nicole French.

I implore you to join the fight against the tsunami wave of hateful racism and despicable fascism that is sweeping our country.

But if you are too cowardly to exercise that level of courage in the face of this evil, at least stop abetting it. Stop defending it. Stop joining it by blaming the mob's victims. Stop emulating the evil practices of your moral/spiritual predecessors Joseph McCarthy and his band of thugs in the HUAC.

If you would like to make an attempt to defend or justify your personal racism and your support of fascism, please reply to this email inbox. I plan to forward the URL to your article, and any response you may send me, to everyone on my list of concerned citizens.

Mike Whitehead

Irving, TX



(Later, after it was clear that she would not respond...)

Dear Margot.

It was wise of you to fold and retreat, as all people should do when they are called out for supporting fascism. A retraction on your part would make amends for your contribution to the current darkness in our country.

My readers, who hate the current wave of fascism that is sweeping the country, will rejoice at this.


Mike Whitehead

Irving, TX

(She never answered. Elite snobs never do.)