Hi again, all.

A social worker named Lee Ann came to visit with mama to evaluate her level of benefits at this point and see if anything more can be done for her. These are the salient things we learned.

  • Mama has more than sufficient Medicare coverage; this explains why I have not been getting any bills from the home care service, New Hope.
  • She has too much monthly income to qualify to get Medicaid to pay for her pads. She says she is glad to continue paying for them herself, which gives me some relief.
  • Medicare will not pay for an affordable lifting chair. I learned from a friend with much experience in this realm that I can find a much more affordable one at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The ones that Medicare are willing to approve are far more expensive, and the portion I would have to pay exceeds those that are carried at Nebraska FM. I will explore that later this month.
  • Nathan has full power of attorney, both legal and medical, to speak for mama and to ensure that her wishes are followed at all times.
  • New Hope will not increase the frequency of their visits and the comprehensiveness of the care they provide until such an increase is warranted by mama's continued decline.