It’s really come to my attention that companies seem to think that they can demand that we the workers MUST use our own resources to support THEIR business… all this “work from home” bull shit. Case in point… the company my wife works for. They really did NOT think any of this through at all. They provided a tiny little laptop and expected her to not only use OUR home network, but to actually produce just as much work as she had been at the office with two big monitors. They also have NOT provided a real phone solution so she’s had to use her personal cell phone… again… to support THEIR business, and they don’t even offer some sort of compensation for doing so. Now they’ve had her install a “softphone” application on her cellphone that is supposed to connect into their phone system so the number presented appears to be coming from the company and not her cell phone. However, their IT department is complaining that the wireless signal inside our house (which again, is MY network) isn’t suitable to allow this application to work which would seem to imply that they expect ME to modify MY network to accommodate THEIR business. I do not allow other people’s computers to touch my internal network but do provide a DMZ network for guests. But if that isn’t good enough for THEIR business… tough shit.

THIS sort of thing… really bugs me… In my case, the company has been doing everything they can support me in this. Although I never asked for it, they pay me a monthly stipend just for using my cellphone for email and the Two-Factor Authentication application needed to log into services inside the network. They also do not complain at all if I have any sort of connectivity issue and will quickly jump in to assist if I do. They would even go so far as to provide me with a mobile hot-spot if need be.

But what the hell is with these companies that seem to think they have some right to demand this of employees?? Think it through people.