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Published: March 16 2019 March 16 2019
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Hi all. Long time; no post. Well, I'm back. And here we go.

I don't mind taking full responsibility to pay all of mama's bills--especially her medical bills, as I wish to see her well cared for and not shunted aside as so much dead meat that can't pay. Well, the clinic where she consults is often irresponsible about getting her bills mailed out. Sometimes, their negligence spurs them to find a collection agency which, of course, gives them mere pennies on the dollar. I have written to the clinic to let them know that I voluntarily pay her bills in full and on time, but to no avail. Here again, a collection agency has purchased one of her bills--one that did not come to the house and which, ergo, I never saw. Below is the text of a smarmy letter I sent to that collection agency today. This is fun!



Saturday, March 16, 2019

NPAS Solutions, LLC.

HCA Settlement Campaign

P.O. Box 2248

Maryland Heights, MO 63043-1048

To the account manager(s) at NPAS:

Regarding the enclosed copy of the bill for Mrs. Whitehead’s medical care at Medical City Las Colinas, on 01/18/2018, please be advised that Mrs. Whitehead is my dependent, resides at my home, and is financially destitute. I voluntarily pay all her living expenses—including her medical bills, which I pay immediately and in full, as soon as they arrive at my home by mail. I see and examine all incoming mail addressed to Mrs. Whitehead, which enables me to be sure that all her bills get paid promptly and fully.

Unfortunately, the billing department at Medical City Las Colinas failed to mail the bill to us for the above-mentioned treatment date; consequently, I was unable to pay it, being unaware of its existence.

Furthermore, and even more unfortunately, you will not be receiving any payment for this debt which you have purchased (most unadvisedly) from Medical City. Mrs. Whitehead lacks the resources to pay it; and, as I do not recognize you as her medical care provider, I will not pay it.

You are welcome to purchase as much of Mrs. Whitehead’s medical debt as you wish, with the understanding that you also wish to covert your enterprise into an eleemosynary organization. If you do not wish to make that conversion, I would advise that you not purchase any more of her debt in the future, but rather leave it up to Medical City (or any other provider that Mrs. Whitehead may consult for her medical care) to be more conscientious and responsible in their billing practices. If any medical providers request that you purchase any future debt incurred by Mrs. Whitehead for medical services, you may want to advise them that an improvement in their billing practices will guarantee that they receive full and prompt payment from me, and that you already know that NPAS will not receive a penny, after having purchased the debt.

In conclusion, thank you so much for paying my (Mrs. Whitehead’) bills for me! This is so kind (albeit foolish) of you!


Michael Whitehead

2916 Lawrence St.

Irving, TX 75061