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Published: January 18 2017 January 18 2017
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So… you run a small business and you’re on a tight budget and can’t quite upgrade your local server just yet. Or… you’re in the middle of some major software deployment that is preventing you from upgrading your servers. When suddenly… one (or more) of them starts to go pear-shaped on you! It would seem as though you’re caught between a rock and hard place!


We were just recently in a similar situation.. but we found a great solution to the problem. All we needed to do was hold out long enough for the deployment project to be completed but one of our main servers began to fail. Unfortunately it was way out of date (with respect to the hardware that is) but somehow we desperately needed to keep it going. Potential “End of the world” situation perhaps? Mope… not at all. We ran across a company called “Save My Server” and reached out to them for a solution to the problem. These people were right on top of it no time at all! They had the exact same server we were already using, completely refurbished, updated BIOS and Backplane, all they needed was how much drive space did we need and how much memory we needed in it. Once we got all the details to them, they had the server done and shipped in very short order. The old server has since been replaced and the migration went really smooth.

Whether you’re in this type of situation, or you’re looking for some hardware to setup a “lab” environment just for testing, these folks can take care of you and at a very low cost. Their responsive and their warrantee is fantastic.

Have look at their website. You can either search their name (mentioned above), or go over to my “IT Related” menu entry and you’ll find the link to their site.