What a great weekend! This year my wife decided to volunteer us to host the annual STAR Chapter 224 Christmas Party. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about it since most of the time lately I prefer to just sit at home parked in front of the TV watching movies. Money has been really super tight over the past fours and it seems to just keep getting worse. Although we’re certainly not the only people riding in this boat and many of the chapter members are as well… everyone thought this would be a lot of fun. So over the next few weeks following that last meeting we got the carpet cleaned up along with the house in preparation for the event.


Saturday morning came… and the first ones to show up were our chapter President Roger and his daughter Sammi. Within an hour, everyone else started showing up bringing all sorts of foods and snacks. Although I haven’t really counted… we had around 12 people come to the house. As it always is when we all get together… it turned into a great party! Lots of discussion, tall tales of the travels we’ve made together and of course a lot of laughs. Even one of our two cat’s had a lot of fun (Pompom) as Sammi spent most of the day playing with her and keeping her busy.

All in all… it turned out to be a wonderful day and I’m really glad that we had the opportunity to do this.