So I guess it’s sort of official. Debra and I are seriously looking into moving to another part of the country. Living in California is just getting less and less advantageous. I have some serious work to do on my resume but with guidance from some folks I know I should be able to get it ‘up to snuff’ so to speak.

I really don’t expect anything to happen overnight of course, but the prospect of some completely new chapter in our lives is really exciting. At one point we were really interested in the Kingman Arizona area… somewhere in or around there. However during all this time, the IT field just doesn’t look to be very large so we’ve set our sights closer to the east coast area instead. The more we think about this and discuss it, the more exciting it becomes. The first thing is that it would put both of us closer to more of the family on both sides. There is also a great deal more “riding country” to see along with a vast amount of national history.

I think we’re about ready for some change in our lives. If anyone in the east (Tennessee or there about) happens to stumbles across this… and is looking for someone with over 20 years of experience in the computer field, please reach out to me and let’s talk. I may have the experience that you’re looking for.