Wow… even though it was a short week it sure seemed awful long. LOL  But here it is Saturday morning, all the morning routine work is done and looks like it might turn out to be another beautiful day in San Diego. Chapter president had an equally difficult week and I guess he intends to get his bike out a “shake the stink off” ride. I’m hoping that Deb and I can join him if she feels up to it. I know I sure do… the poor “Stratolounger” hasn’t been out of the garage in about three weeks now.

I guess the neighbors ended up having some “unexpected party” last night… things weren’t too bad until about 3:00 AM when they all decided to go outside and carry on is if they were the only people on earth. :-/  Made for a really difficult time for Deb to get any sleep.

A few weeks ago our dear friend “Nurse Mike” needed to drop one of his cars off for service and thinking it was going to take most of the day, asked if I could pick him up to spend some time at our place just shooting the breeze. No problem as far as I was concerned as we always have a good time doing that. He’s another “computer nerd” and has been in some kind of “one-up” with his God Daughter with these Raspberry Pi things. Once I read up on what they are I was jealous as can be over them as I really couldn’t justify the cost of getting one. So what’s he do? He brings one WITH him and hands it to me… LOL  I should probably PUNCH him RIGHT in the FACE now though as I’ve sure spent a lot of time playing with the thing! If you’re a computer nerd or any other sort of tech-nerd, you should get one of these things along with a few gadgets to go with it! They’re really COOL little toys!