06-18-2016 Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum

Saturday morning Deb and I made the trip up to Vista CA for the AGSEM annual “Spring Antique Engine & Tractor Show”. We try to make this event every year ever since my youngest brother told us about several years ago. They a lot of events throughout the year so if you’ve never been there you really should check their web site (linked above) and go have a look. You will not be disappointed.


This event is always a lot of fun and we never get tired of it and this year was especially interesting as they have added several new venues, one of which was especially interesting to me. Being a bit of a “computer and robotics nerd” one group in particular really caught my eye. An organization called “OSML” (for Open Source Maker Labs) which is somewhat of a school for people interested in just about anything Open Source. Everything from learning Open Source operating systems, programming and on up to machinery designed from scratch and controlled by Open Source software. That have an event of their own coming up this coming Saturday (06-25-2016) that we want to try and attend where they will be covering the subject of 3-D Printing.

We also took a serious look at something we had seen in the past and decided to give it a whirl. A fellow by the name of Anton Orlov (Orlov Photo) was offering to make Tintype Photos for people and demonstrate how it worked. It’s actually quite a production and fascinating to observe and it also gives you a healthy respect for the people who used to do this in the 1800’s. Anton is a photographic artist who has done some phenomenal work so if you ever happen to run across him at an event somewhere I’d strongly advise that you introduce yourself and have a chat with him. He is exceptionally knowledgeable on the subject.

What a great weekend it was.