Here’s another polemic I had through email with the author of an article that was based on crap.

Dear Margot:

In your article published on "Insider" on June 17, 2020, titled... “High-profile white film editors tried to shut down a search for Black creators in a private Facebook group." gave yourself away as a supporter and an apologist for racism and fascism, right from the start.

It is obvious to any clear-thinking reader that your title is a lie. Nathan Bush, who started this thread on social media, was decrying the wave of fascism and racism that is currently sweeping the country and destroying the livelihoods of untold numbers of people. Furthermore, he was encouraging other readers to resist it lest they, too, become victims of the Chairman-Mao-style mob of sanctimonious, self-righteous, savage thugs, as did he.

But you were too dishonest to describe the social media thread truthfully. Or perhaps, too morally bankrupt to correctly read its patently obvious theme?

While you didn't take any care to do an intellectually honest reading of the thread, you certainly were most careful to specify the race of the resistors participating in the discussion. Obviously, race means more to you than moral standards and values. I am disgusted at your insistence at classifying human beings in the same way a morally enlightened person would classify only barnyard animals.

The Bible says, "As the man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Perhaps the "Woke Gospel According to Saint Margot" says, "According to the amount of melanin in the man's skin, so is he."

I was deeply dismayed that you were not clear-headed enough to identify this conflict for what it is--or perhaps, too cowardly to decry it. Instead, you vilified (by subtext, not by explicit invectives, I grant you) those who do have the clear-sightedness and courage to openly defy and decry it, such as Nathan Bush. Instead, you supported and promulgated the words of your fellow fascist apologist, and fellow racist, Nicole French.

I implore you to join the fight against the tsunami wave of hateful racism and despicable fascism that is sweeping our country.

But if you are too cowardly to exercise that level of courage in the face of this evil, at least stop abetting it. Stop defending it. Stop joining it by blaming the mob's victims. Stop emulating the evil practices of your moral/spiritual predecessors Joseph McCarthy and his band of thugs in the HUAC.

If you would like to make an attempt to defend or justify your personal racism and your support of fascism, please reply to this email inbox. I plan to forward the URL to your article, and any response you may send me, to everyone on my list of concerned citizens.

Mike Whitehead

Irving, TX



(Later, after it was clear that she would not respond...)

Dear Margot.

It was wise of you to fold and retreat, as all people should do when they are called out for supporting fascism. A retraction on your part would make amends for your contribution to the current darkness in our country.

My readers, who hate the current wave of fascism that is sweeping the country, will rejoice at this.


Mike Whitehead

Irving, TX

(She never answered. Elite snobs never do.)


Thursday, July 16, 2020

6:43:29 AM

After work yesterday, I drove Nathan’s recently-purchased Mercury to the DPS office in Grand Prairie and found that it takes almost 20 minutes to get there.

I had a fitful night with a dreadful feeling about carrying mama down there and what she could possibly suffer. I insisted on giving this over to God according to the Bible’s instructions to cast our cares unto the Lord; nevertheless, my mind and soul insisted on feeling miserable about this. I kept rehearsing the visit to the DPS center in my mind, trying to anticipate and pre-solve any problems we may encounter. This practice if futile, for obvious reasons: I cannot predict what we will encounter, ergo, I cannot smooth out the process any more than I already have done by preparing for it to the best of my knowledge and ability.


Now, let me tell you what really happened. It was wonderful, although not fully satisfying.

Mama came out of her room at 8:30, ready to go. ‘Mama,’ I said, ‘the appointment is for 10:00.’ She went back to her room to take a short nap. Meanwhile, I got fed up with the anxiety that had been tormenting me, off and on, about this problem, and decided to get rid of it once for all. I stood in the living room and declared with my mouth that I was, at that moment, casting all of that care unto the Lord, as his faithful servants have instructed us to do. I asked God to grant us favor, marvelous favor, favor with both God and man. Then, I closed my prayer with thanksgiving, both with my understanding and with my spirit.

We arrived at the DPS on Bagdad Road in Grand Prairie a few minutes after 10:00. Mama sat in the car with the engine and the AC running, parked parallel to the curb at the front entrance, while I approached the nurse and the officer on duty to control access to the building. ‘I have an appointment for Betty Whitehead. We need a wheelchair brought out for her.’

I was appalled to hear that there was no wheelchair available. ‘That was a stipulation when I made the reservation. The management owed it to me to guarantee a wheelchair. This is an 86-year-old lady with no bladder control and who loses bowel control occasionally, and is in constant pain. This is unacceptable.’

I showed the reservation confirmation the nurse on duty at the door, and she helped me get it updated. A new reservation number came up on the screen. Meanwhile, a lady named Carie came out to talk to me. ‘I can process her application and take her picture while she sits in the car,’ she said. I was delighted! ‘God will reward you for that!’ I crowed.

I moved the car to the parking area and explained to mama the special accommodations they were granting us. She started working on a crossword puzzle and relaxed in the AC.

Carie came back, collected our paperwork, checked over mama’s application, made a tiny correction, and informed me that we still need her marriage certificate. ‘The increase in identity theft has made the increase in security necessary,’ she said.

‘Valerie Lewis told me that Betty’s recently-expired license is sufficient in place of that. Do you know Valerie?’

Yes, she did know Valerie. ‘That was a misunderstanding,’ she added. ‘The marriage certificate is one of the few documents that the state will accept as an explanation for the change in her last name from the one on her birth certificate.’

‘I’ll get it,’ I said. ‘I takes about a month. Meanwhile, can you please retain our documentation and keep our file open until I can bring the certificate to you?’ She said she will be glad to do that. ‘It will take about a month,’ I repeated.

She carried out documents back inside again, photographed all of them, and came back to get a picture of mama. ‘Can you stand up?’ she asked. Mama affirmed that she could, albeit with great pain and trouble. An officer came along with Carie, and he and I held up the blue tarp to provide a background for the photo while mama stood just outside the passenger door, hanging onto the open door for support.

‘When you come back, Betty has to be with you because we need her signature on the final form that we promulgate to get her new ID made.’

Mama and I went back home with joy and gratitude in our hearts.


Today (Friday), I called the number I found on the PDF application to get a copy of mama’s marriage certificate and ordered it that way instead of either mailing in the application of faxing it. The lady who took my order was most pleasant to talk to, and she told me I could have it sent to me via normal ground mail that requires not signature. I asked for two copies. This service, called VitalCheck, is not offered directly from Michigan’s record keeping offices but rather are a contracted service that I have found on the internet in the past. They are super cheap and super-efficient. In fact, I think this may be the same service I used to get copies of mama’s birth certificate, too, instead of going directly to the state’s web site.

Hi again, all. Here's another update on what I'm doing to provide for mama.

Mama wanted me to take down her curtains and blinds and clean them. First, she had to remove her glass collection from a table that sits in front of the window and set them all on the bed.

After washing the window treatments and putting them back up, I asked mama if she wanted me to replace the old, worn-out, damaged blinds (black for maximum light blocking) with new cordless blinds (white). She said she would like that.

That was Memorial Day. The room looks very different. I'll post a few pictures.

Hi again, all.

A social worker named Lee Ann came to visit with mama to evaluate her level of benefits at this point and see if anything more can be done for her. These are the salient things we learned.

  • Mama has more than sufficient Medicare coverage; this explains why I have not been getting any bills from the home care service, New Hope.
  • She has too much monthly income to qualify to get Medicaid to pay for her pads. She says she is glad to continue paying for them herself, which gives me some relief.
  • Medicare will not pay for an affordable lifting chair. I learned from a friend with much experience in this realm that I can find a much more affordable one at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The ones that Medicare are willing to approve are far more expensive, and the portion I would have to pay exceeds those that are carried at Nebraska FM. I will explore that later this month.
  • Nathan has full power of attorney, both legal and medical, to speak for mama and to ensure that her wishes are followed at all times.
  • New Hope will not increase the frequency of their visits and the comprehensiveness of the care they provide until such an increase is warranted by mama's continued decline.