So… Tuesday marked my one year anniversary with the company… and it sure doesn’t feel like it’s been a year at all. First thing I need to point out is that my close friends, the people that really know me well also know that I’m not much of one for all this “Political Correctness” stuff. From my perspective it leads to confusion and misunderstanding. I tend to be direct and to the point and let the chips fall where they may. And with that having been said… keep it mind if you decide to keep reading.

Hi all. Long time; no post. Well, I'm back. And here we go.

I don't mind taking full responsibility to pay all of mama's bills--especially her medical bills, as I wish to see her well cared for and not shunted aside as so much dead meat that can't pay. Well, the clinic where she consults is often irresponsible about getting her bills mailed out. Sometimes, their negligence spurs them to find a collection agency which, of course, gives them mere pennies on the dollar. I have written to the clinic to let them know that I voluntarily pay her bills in full and on time, but to no avail. Here again, a collection agency has purchased one of her bills--one that did not come to the house and which, ergo, I never saw. Below is the text of a smarmy letter I sent to that collection agency today. This is fun!

For any of you who don't already know, I started on a new adventure April 2, 2018. A dear friend of ours had been asking me for months to submit a resume to the company where he works and so I finally did. Then next thing I knew I was being interviewed and then offered a possition! For the first time in my entire working life I seem to have gotten into a company that not only preaches "Team Work"... but really means just exactly that. It's turning out to be the best place I have ever worked. Yesterday they held an "Employee Appreciation Day" where they seved up BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs... and lot of good converstation.

Just a few photos from the event... sure was a lot of fun...


Hi all!

I had an unusual experience late last month, during the hottest portion of our Texas summer this year. Well, perhaps the experience wasn’t unusual, but rather the way I processed it mentally was unusual. Let me tell you about it.

Background: Sometimes, when I have some food on hand that is totally unfit for human consumption, I prefer to cut/chop/tear it up into tiny pieces and flush it all down the toilet, tiny bit by tiny bit, instead of risking a clogged drain line by running it through the garbage disposer or creating a stench in the kitchen for several days by tossing it into the wastebasket. I know there are other options for getting rid of undesirable food.