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02 Nov 2018 05:22 - 02 Nov 2018 05:24 #76 by david
San Diego Water District... was created by david
This morning is off to crappy start… the San Diego Water District has not only TRIPPLED the rates over the past three billing cycles, they have now decided outsource their billing statement mailing system to a SPAM mail server. I had to release the billing statement for delivery from my mail filter yesterday morning. This morning I went to log into the web site to make the payment and it turns out they have also decided to give the site a “face lift” and in so doing, broke the SHIT out of my account to the point I can’t log into. It reports “Invalid user ID or password”. No problem right? Request a password reset. No dice there either… no matter what I do the site bitches back that the “new password cannot be the same as any of the past 5 passwords”… but I’ve never HAD more than one and have never CHANGED it so clear there aren’t any PREVIOUS passwords. So… I opted to use their “Contact us” link… sent several messages along with screen-shots and then followed up with a rather STERNLY written e-mail to their Customer Support mail address. Like an idiot, and AGAINST my better judgment I had opted for “paperless billing”. That was a big mistake on my part… now I have this $430.64 BILL hanging out there that I can’t pay… not because I don’t have the money… but because they broke the shit out of my account. Clearly they need to find some new IT people. :angry:

If it ain't broke, it needs a LOT more fix'n...
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