Presidential Elections:

In 2016 the Democrats were crying out, “How could this have happened?” for the next four years. Impeachment (with a sidebar of election fraud) was called for shortly after the 20th of January 2017 (exchange of power) by Nancy Pelosi, and was successfully completed (twice) during that four year term.

In 2020 the Republicans were crying out, “Election Fraud – the results are rigged” up to – and beyond the 20th of January 2021 (exchange of power).  This included an insurrectionist riot at the Capitol Complex, with nary a word from Ms. Pelosi. 

Neither party gives a FIG about our Constitutional Rights.  They’re only concerned with maintaining their power hold over the masses.  Unfortunately, we empower them.  Benjamin Franklin was right, “A republic Mam, if you can keep it.


Patriotic Groups:

They’ve always been around but now some of them seem to be using a playbook from the 1930’s.  Back then, an all-male patriotic group called the Brown Shirts wreaked havoc until they got their way.  Unfortunately for them, their leader did away with them during the Night of the Long Knives.  Perhaps today’s all-male group should remember history or they’ll repeat it.


CoVid Vaccinations:

National vaccination is a great idea.  It worked for small pox, polio and other previously fatal diseases.  However, I want to observe those vaccinated for side effects before I get mine.  It seems the vaccines were rushed and I don’t want to be Wil Smith in I Am Legend.



It worked the first time (for 90 days), but people Woke Up and politicians relented.  The backlash is now starting with Recall Movements underway throughout the country.  The idea seemed sound, but we failed to think it through, and are now paying the price with failed businesses, destitute people, damaged infrastructure and struggling economy, and a new societal phobia concerning contact with others.  To survive in this new world, I recommend reading Ken Follett’s Kingsbridge Series.  It will teach you how to be either an Aristocrat or a Peasant in this new society.  Unfortunately, as only 1% have the money (aristocrat) the majority of us need to learn our place (peasant).