Obviosly, I'm not a Kardashian Social Influencer, nor a male attached to them that will eventuatly transgender (Kanye, look out bro! They got to Bruce). However, I do watch the trendings of our Milleniuals and Silver Sumami people. At this moment in time (1158 PST, 02Nov2020), internet feeds that purport to bring us news are reporting FINAL RESULTS (Trump won - Biden won) for the 2020 election.  Final Results - WTF?  The nationwide election date is tomorrow, 03Nov2020, with mail-in ballots (legally) withholding until 20Nov2020.

This "unbiased" reporting is NOT coming from the Democratic or Repulican parties (per-see), but is being reproted (currently) by MSNBC and other "independent and investigative reporting" sources on our HOLY GRAIL INTERNET.  To all of you Octonogerians (for some reason, college 'educated' pundits decided this term includes those in their 80's, 90's and 100's), BABY BOOMERS (now being labelled the Silver Sunami / in their 60's), the ME GENERATION (in their 50's and 40's) and the current end-result of our desire to protect our young - MILLENIALS (in their 30's and 20's); this election will decide if we continue as a Democratic-Republic, or a Socialistic/Dictatorial Empire.