What a whirlwind of activity since shutting down our economy, voluntarily looking ourselves up, and devoting all resources to fighting this virus. Let’s review some the highlights.

1. Jared has been appointed to the Presidential Covid Task Force. That means we can all rest assured the virus is fleeing, afraid of Jared and his vast medical knowledge. I’m sure he’ll push through medical testing of injection/ingestion of cleaning chemicals. Just so we’re clear, this Jared is the son-in-law, not the sandwich guy.


2. Stimulus checks are arriving, and being spent, for a lot of people. It’s being phased, whatever that means. Shortly after receiving the payment, you’ll receive a letter from the White House reminding you of how we’re all in this together. Except for testing which is only for the rich, famous and politically connected.

3. High politicians visit medical centers, as a show of support and solidarity, but fail to wear masks. Too bad there was no medical staff brave enough to bar entry unless masked.

4. Car companies are offering extended pay periods (84 months [7 years] as opposed to the usual 60 months) with no payment for 90 days. What a deal, especially considering your job is gone until further notice.

5. Actors, actresses, entertainers, mega corporations, business tycoons and politicians are all reminding us that we are all in this together. Their thoughts, prayers and support are with us. Some of them have started charitable funds, to which we can contribute, that purport to support various affected workers. The 2019 statistics report 13.5 million employees in the restaurant industry. One add keeps running to show how that business cares, as they have started a Restaurant Workers Fund, with one million dollars (a tax deduction by the way). That fund is supposedly there to support those workers. Currently, the payout would be a little under 74 cents per employee. Amazingly, I have not received any financial support from these people.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. For some reason, May first is being bandied about as the day to ‘reopen’ the economy. Why? Because 30 days of house arrest is the start of the breaking point.