Joe GED’s Right and Left Covid-19.

Candy bar companies aren’t the only ones with Right/Left (two sides of one coin) public issues. Let’s consider our current Covid-19 situation. After all; as all politicians, monarchs, and dictators know about seizing power and control, NEVER let a good crisis go to waste.

RIGHT COVID. This is the Magician’s right hand on which we are to focus.

1. Stay At Home. This sounds great for the general good. If you’re not out-and-about, your chances of contracting or spreading the virus are greatly reduced.

2. Social Distancing. In the USA our ‘norm’ is 2-3 feet. Expanding to 6 feet doubles the distance, thereby reducing our exposure.

3. Contactless Delivery. A new marketing concept. Somehow, our pizza jumps from the (500, 475 or 450 degree) oven to our doorstep without human contact. Additionally, we can order and pay for anything on-line, from any retailer, and have it delivered to our doorstep (or pick it up curbside at the business location) without any human contact on our order.

4. Reduce Large Gatherings. What if I don’t and/or can’t cook and a restaurant is my only means of sustenance? What if my only means of maintaining sanity is attending church, movie theaters, public parks, public beaches or shopping malls for the human contact?

5. Essential Workers Only. Again, sounds good. But who decides what’s essential?

6. Defense Production Act of 1950. The President says he’ll do it. Congress says No Way. The President says he won’t do it. Congress then says he must to combat the Coronavirus by directing and financially supporting industries to produce items required for the National Defense.

LEFT COVID. This is the Magician’s left hand that we are not supposed to notice.

1. Stay At Home. It’s much easier to control a large population when they’re self-restricted to their homes.

2. Social Distancing. Doubling our centuries old societal norms of distancing contributes to our primal instincts of distrust.

3. Contactless Delivery. Really? What a marketing gimmick. SOMEONE has to package and deliver the food/product

4. Reduce Large Gatherings. The fewer people in a given area, the easier it is to control.

5. Essential Workers Only. Police, Fire, Medical – we can all agree those would be essential. Grocers and utilities (yes)? What if I need Solar installed in order to reduce my greenhouse and carbon footprint? Sorry – that’s not essential. What if I live in an extremely small place (due to earning a low income) and need restaurants for my income and food? Sorry – that’s not essential.

6. Defense Production Act of 1950. Legally, the first step toward Martial Law and the complete suspension of constitutional rights. Production of N95 masks, PPE, and Virus Testing Kits are in the mix. So is federally mandated: production of items to build border walls, deport undocumented and ‘potentially biologically compromised’ persons, restrict movement of citizens that are ‘potentially biologically comprised,’ and other measures as the Executive Branch deems necessary for the protection of the common good.

Thank you Pelosi for falling for the Trump – I won’t (we hate/despise you) So…you Must move on approving the legality of this act! WHERE ARE WE GOING? We should probably ask the citizens of Hungary and Prime Minister Viktor Orban Fidesz (who was granted Rule By Decree – Dictatorship) by a panicked Covid people.