It’s been some time since I last posted (last post September 2019). Digital life got in the way. I finally retired my old flip phone and got a new Smart Phone. What a mistake! I became one of those digital age / millennial / Gen-Z people for whom I so much despair. Truly, smart phones are a mind numbing addiction. I quit cold turkey and have re-emerged into sanity. I credit our current political pandemic for my cure (this post March 2020). I only strive to pose questions to my faithless readers, thereby causing them to think. So… COVID-19 AND ME:


2019/2020 Flu Season –VS- Coronavirus: Which is currently more deadly? As of the date of my compiling this article (24Mar2020), US statistics from the CDC website are:

FLU A/B: 54,000,000 cases with 23,000+ deaths.

CORONAVIRUS: 54,896 cases with 778+ deaths.

Flu Testing – VS- Coronavirus Testing:

FLU: Are Flu tests currently available? Yes, but not necessarily! Most often it’s via diagnosis of symptoms. After all, a vast majority of us know the difference between a common cold and the ‘seasonal’ flu. The former is predominantly snot, and the latter is predominantly fevers and chills, with a little puke here-and-there.

CORONAVIRUS: Are Coronavirus tests currently available? Yes! However; you must be a politician, high paid entertainer, uber-athlete, or wealthy person to receive a test. The rest of us will receive a test during quarantine processing or autopsy. Of course, you can always hold your breath for 10-seconds to see if you cough at the end (in which case, you have the virus – thanks for your medical wisdom Geraldo).

Flu Prevention –VS- Coronavirus Prevention: Is there really a difference? Both are viruses (no cure) that mutate. Our current “seasonal” flu has a vaccine that may OR may not prevent an infection (I got my flu vaccine this season and still got flu a/b – it was awful). The coronavirus (covid-19; does that mean it’s the 19th variation of the virus?) has no known and/or current vaccine. Both are spread in the same manner. Both need to be taken seriously. Both are deadly.

FLU: No media ad-nuaseam saturation. No political grandstanding. No social distancing. No stay at home. No work from home if able. No closure of businesses. No limitation of customers entering a business. No prohibition of large gatherings. No panic buying. No conspiracy theories of origin. No enactment of Federal powers limiting Constitutional Rights.

CORONAVIRUS: Media ad-nuaseam saturation. Political grandstanding. Social distancing. Stay at home. Work from home if able. Closure of businesses not registered with the Federal Government as essential to the welfare, safety and security of the nation. Limitation of customers entering a business. Prohibition of large gatherings. Panic buying. Conspiracy theories of origin. Enactment of The Defense Production Act (the first legal step to Federal Martial Law).

Flu Cure –VS- Coronavirus Cure: Wow! I’m amazed at the number of cures out there on social media sites. Which is best for you?

FLU: Old Wives Advise; Feed a cold, starve a fever. Plenty of liquids. Chicken soup. Stay tucked in bed. It’s worked for a LONG time, and no one seems to be panicking over the “seasonal” flu (with its 23k US deaths).

CORONAVIRUS: Being an election year- just like the number of candidates for president- there are a significant number of cures on the web:

1. Gargle With Bleach. Causes mouth and esophagus burns, thereby removing you from our gene pool.

2. Drink Alkaline Water With a Capful of Bleach. Causes mouth, esophagus and gastral burns, thereby removing you from our gene pool.

3. Swallow Tide-Pods. Causes gastral burns (etc.), thereby removing you from our gene pool.

4. Drink Coca-Cola With a Capful Of Hydrogen-Peroxide. Causes slight mouth and esophagus (yet major gastral) burns, thereby removing you from our gene pool.

5. Consume Televangelist Prescribed Silver Solution. Causes heavy metal poisoning and death, thereby removing you from our gene pool (while contributing your wealth to his).

6. Cocaine, Cannabis, Alkaline Water, Monster Drinks, Gluten-Free Foods (which are the only things left on Walmart shelves), Chalupas, and possibly ‘pet rocks’ from the 60’s/70’s may work. While trendy and 'guaranteed to work,' they will still help to remove you from the gene pool.

7. Relax, Our Politicians Know Best! After all, we are all just ignorant worker-bees whose sole job is to labor to provide for the benefit of all, under the direction of our more educated betters (our elected politicians). Their sole purpose in life is to ensure that we, the masses, work hard to provide for them, the enlightened, who have never labored a day in their life (lest we forget; “A Republic Mam, If you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin).

Flu –VS- Coronavirus Summary: Both viruses are highly contagious and potentially deadly. Keeping your hands clean, covering your mouth (with a tissue or your sleeve – not your hand) when coughing or sneezing, and staying home when you’re sick are extremely helpful. Hording, Panic Buying, Listening to Politicians vice Medical Experts and the resulting Full Blown Panic are not.