Here we are at the end of September 2019. I’ve tried to get back to posting my keen and insightful observations on a monthly basis as I realize my constant readers need guidance. After all, why stress out thinking for yourselves when I can be your conscience? So, without further ado, here’s what you should be concerned about at this moment in time.




  As any person that has smoked a cigarette (of the legal or illegal [in most states]) has experienced, the first puff causes you to choke and cough. Basically, your body telling you it’s not healthy. However, our pleasure center overrides our preservation center when the nicotine (or other chemical substance) causes craving for more. The latest advertising is that “switching” to vaping is safer than smoking those evil, time consuming and disgusting cigarettes (i.e., Jewel [sp.], “I don’t need to stop to smoke anymore, because…”). Having been a smoker for 40+ years, I was leery of the vapor. After all, I had double ‘walking’ pneumonia several years ago, was hospitalized, and had to ‘vape’ medication that caused more severe coughing than smoking. Why? Because the vapor was more readily absorbed by my lungs than the dry smoke! To me, vaping seemed more dangerous than ‘dry’ smoking. Why weren’t doctors or the CDC harping about the danger? Well…, recent news reports have proved my concerns accurate. Serious lung disease and deaths are now being reported in the news due to Vaping. Yes, the nicotine vapor is more swiftly absorbed than the dry smoke.


Impeachment and 2020 Presidential Campaign:

  WOW! All kinds of political crap is hitting the airwaves and social media. Pushing for impeachment of the current ‘Presidential Apprentice’ and endless coverage of the 30+ Democratic candidates is further polarizing the nation. My prediction is that if the latter do not get their heads together (e.g., out of their collective asses) and select one candidate by the end of October 2019, the former will win again. Alternatively, wouldn’t it be a HUGE wakeup call if the American people elected an independent?


Cloud Storage:

The push, and acceptance, of storing our information on “The Cloud” is amazing. Even after WikiLeaks (Snowden –vs- NSA [Bluffdale, UT]) reported government spying and collection of personal information, coupled with social media selling the same information, people still willingly upload their personal information. Subsequently, those same people are outraged when their personal data is used to target them with advertising and other invasive things. Our smartphones track everywhere we go and everything we search, text, speak, photograph, video, etc. They are our willingly accepted and embedded tracking chips (i.e., 666). Maybe we should start uploading copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Flood “The Cloud” with our Constitutional Rights.