Expanded Inclusive Language is the newest elitist assault on our individuality.  It even attempts to distance itself by disparaging Political Correctness.  For those of my followers who don’t know (or really don’t care) Inclusive Language actually started as a non-gender/sexual identification movement.  Naturally, politico-academia elitists seized it as a means to further their agenda of further suppressing and controlling the uneducated masses (e.g., the bulk of common sense society) by expanding it to include normal every day terms.  Perform a web-search of Inclusive Language and you’ll find some very offenses, and grammatically incorrect, terms suggested as politically correct inclusive.

The term Server should be used instead of waiter or waitress.  Isn’t server indicative of subservience and not equality?  The terms they and them (both plurals) should be used in place of him/her, she/he, himself/herself (all singular).  Isn’t that grammatically incorrect?  The Elderly should be referred to as:  People who have trouble walking a short distance, or Persons with dementia, or Persons on fixed incomes.  All of which are offensive as it implies that the elderly can’t walk, have dementia and are on fixed incomes!  Wow, the lists and recommendations all marginalize the individual rather than include them.  The sentence, “We are all immigrants” is better stated as, “This country includes people from diverse backgrounds, heritages and experiences.”   The reason posited is that indigenous people did not immigrate.  That reason is patently false.  Indigenous people DID immigrate this country.  Albeit, thousands of years ago.

Further research into the authors and purveyors of the new Inclusive Language movement reveals that the vast majority of them belong to exclusive conclaves (i.e., Mensa).  Being your champion of equality, I applied to Mensa, citing their “Inclusivity” educational publications as a reason for my acceptance.  I was soundly rejected.  I guess their political agenda of inclusivity only goes so far.