Having only completed three years of High School, I can’t be expected to understand the level of intellect that screen writers, directors and movie producers possess.  After all, almost all of them possess a piece of paper (e.g., Degree) from a College or University that proves they’re smarter than me.  So, with their vast intellect, why do virtually all of them resort to the same cinematic stereotypes?

Movie Clichés:

The white man/woman always goes into their basement (with a faulty flashlight, lighter, pack of matches, or candle stub - because the lights don’t work) to investigate a noise they’ve never heard before.

The sexually active teenagers (regardless of race) always get killed while the virginal ones survive.

The black man/woman never survives to the end of the horror film.

The bomb is always diffused with one second remaining on the timer.

The rear end collision always results in the rear vehicle catapulting over the lead vehicle.

Vehicles always explode into flames in an accident.

Hardly anyone wears seatbelts, but it’s currently taboo to smoke.

The hero leaves his/her current location (in broad daylight) to arrive at the rendezvous (20 minutes later) in total darkness.

Anyone that jumps (or is pushed/thrown) off a building lands on a vehicle (five feet away from the building) and hardly ever on the sidewalk (right next to the building).

The reluctant hero is always beaten to within an inch of his/her life, but is up the next day (with only a bandage or two) and overcomes the bad guy.

The bully always cries (realizing his/her mistakes) and lauds the hero.

It’s always the Catholic Priest that defeats the demon/evil monster.

Lights from the vehicle’s dashboard, space helmet, or biohazard helmet shine directly into the actors’ eyes, but they can still clearly see ahead of themselves.