It seems that the culturally current term assigned to the symbol is a generational thing.  The Octothorpe (its official name) is used as short hand for Number Sign, Pound Sign and now Hash Tag in social media.  Not old enough to believe me on the first two?  Call any of those annoying 800 numbers and you’ll probably hear, “Press number ‘whatever’ followed by the pound (or number) sign.”  Social media uses the symbol to combine all comments posted on the subject for ease of search.  With all three names for this symbol, careful thought should be taken before ‘tagging’ the subject.  Hash Tag Me Too can also be called Number Me Too (not so bad).  However, Pound Me Too isn’t exactly the desired connotation.

AI Assistants

Has anyone else noticed that AI Assistants are predominantly female?  You have Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant (does she have a name), and Garmin – all female.  Are the internet giants saying that assistants are female?  Isn’t this being sexist and stereotyping females to an assistant’s role?  Where’s the hash tag social media outrage against this denigration?  As the current plethora of AI Assistants is already politically incorrect, why not create a few Male assistants?  You could have:

Bubba – a male redneck

Q2 – an effeminate LGBT male

Jeeves – a British upper crust condescending male