This is my 21st posting and we’re already a few days into 2019.  However, here’s a few of my observations for 2018 In Review.

The Most Watched Reality TV Show (Ever):

President Donald J. Trump started out with The Apprentice in 2004.  He then advanced to Celebrity Apprentice in 2008.  And finally, since 2016, he now has the most watched and talked about reality TV show of all time – Presidential Apprentice.


Migrant Caravans:

We’ve all seen the news about the giant migrant caravan that arrived at our borders in late 2018.  Plus all of the resulting drama at the San Ysidro border – riots, rushing the border, closing the nation’s largest border, etc.  The news is now reporting that another caravan is on its way from Honduras.  Investigative Reporters are reporting on the destitution, fear, starvation, and desperation of the migrants.  Why are they not investigating and reporting on who is financing these 2,900+ mile journeys?


Blatant Factoids:

Experts (definition; a little squirt under grip of pressure) are constantly blurting out facts and daring anyone to prove them wrong, but no one does.  We hear such things as:

One in ten teenagers are consuming Tide Pods, so we need to lock up the pods to protect the teenagers.

Commercial fishing is killing 1,000, and possibly as high as 10,000, Whale Sharks per year (see episode 7 of Blue Planet II).

Social Media Companies protect and do not share our private information.

No one ever questions or states:

Eating Tide Pods?  Maybe we don’t need those teenagers in the gene pool.

Thousands (and possibly 10,000) of the largest fish in the oceans caught and killed in commercial fishing and yet not one word on the news?

How do Social Media Companies maintain a free service if they’re not selling our information?


Class Action Lawsuits and Injury Attorneys:

Wow!  Every other ad on television is for some type of Class Action lawsuit, or an ad asking you to call to see if you need an Injury Attorney. 

Class Action:  Call to see if you qualify for compensation for illnesses or death due to blatant (or potential) corporate malfeasance.  You know, anything from Mesothelioma to Uncontrollable Flatulence from eating some tainted bean product.  I need to find a law firm willing to bring a class action lawsuit against these other firms as I and others (I would assume) have been emotionally scarred worrying about these things.

Injury Attorney Ads:  The best one out there has a bunch of serious questions you need to call, and find answers – especially – “Do I Need an ‘Attorney’?”  You got to love the catchy jingle/number.  One 8-Hundred, 8-Million!  I guess we’re supposed to believe we’ll collect millions.  At contingency rates of 33% - 40% (plus expenses – no money out of your pocket – unless/until they collect), the only people getting rich are the attorneys.

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