Well faithless faithful readers, October 2018 was the one year anniversary of FACELIP’s permanent home on the web.  Sorry, that I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual.  There’s been plenty of material to cover, but politics, work and the daily grind temporarily seized the helm.  Never fear.  I’ve derailed that train and am back on the twisting trail of inflicting humor.  Like my Granny used to say, “Don’t take life too serious, you’re not getting out alive.”  So…..My November 2018 Ramblings (the 20th posting):

BLACK FRIDAY VIRAL INFECTION:  Wow!  Merchants have really gone overboard this year.  Christmas ‘Sale’ merchandise (AKA, Black Friday) has been blatantly stocked in mid-October.  Halloween and Thanksgiving had yet to arrive.  Will we, the consumer, finally realize that the big box merchants hold us in contempt?  That they believe they can ‘sell’ any holiday at any time they choose?  Working in the retail emergency room – the answer is YES.  We happily part with our hard earned dollars on these perceived early deals.  Let’s get this viral infection under control by an inoculation of ‘anti-cash / anti-purchase’ shopping.  Hang onto your Christmas dollars until after the official Black Friday.  Force the merchants to reign in the holidays to their actual time frames.  Better yet, spend your money on hosting a meal during the various holidays – OR – buy/give a present at random times and not the commercially expected holiday.

TECHNOLOGY PANDEMIC:  As I’ve posted many times before, we are becoming more technologically advanced yet socially inept.  If you can ignore your electronic leash for a moment, look around and observe the overwhelming number of people that have their faces glued to their smartphone screens.  They are totally oblivious to their surroundings and shun any actual human interaction.  With our current technology, you don’t need to actually talk to anyone.  You can purchase anything you need and have it shipped to your home (BOSH – Buy Online Ship Home) so you never have to go out and interact with people.  If you need to have some form of human contact, you can purchase anything you need and have it shipped to the store for pick up (BOPIS – Buy Online Pickup In-Store).  Usually, that means a human interaction with a clerk at the Customer Service Desk.  However, this awkward interaction can now be avoided as merchants are installing ‘pick up lockers’ for your orders.  That’s right!  You can BOPIS, your order is then placed in a locker, and you receive a text message with a code to access the locker.  No need to speak to anyone.  Just go to the locker, input your code and pick up your order.  I predict that this pandemic will result in a significant increase in people diagnosed with Agoraphobia in the near future.  Standby for mail order medications to treat the disorder.

MASS SHOOTING ENDEMIC:  What is going on in our society?  Schools, clubs, churches, concert venues and other areas are witnessing an endemic of mass shootings.  Do we need to repeal our Second Constitutional Right to Bear Arms as suggested by some experts and politicians?  After all, the 18th Amendment worked to end alcohol abuse and related crimes (oh wait – that ushered in a decade plus [13 years] of lawlessness never witnessed before - and was eventually repealed).  Perhaps the media should report the event, but refrain from constantly dwelling upon the perpetrators.  Certainly, the shooters have mental issues and crave the attention (even posthumously – ‘they’ll know/miss me now’).  Instead of pointing the finger at gun ownership, PTSD, ADHD or some other form of fanaticism and/or radicalism, we should be pointing the finger at the Technology Pandemic.