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Published: September 13 2018 September 13 2018
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   So, the last two days of August and first two days of September (2018) found me vacationing in Mexico City.  My goal was to visit the ‘Halls of Montezuma’ (Chapultepec Castle) and the pyramids of Tenochtitlan.  I was also able to see a few more sites and all on budget of $1,200.  I saved up at a rate of $100 per month – for an entire year since my last vacation.  It sucks earning 50 cents an hour over minimum wage.

   Naturally, I flew on Volaris, but this time I used tips from native Mexicans to get the insider deals.  I booked my roundtrip flight eight months in advance and chose the redeye flight (midnight).  That cost me $150usd.  The first insider tip was to bring a chicken so I could board the flight first.  The second tip was to book my seat as one of the toilets (cost 50 cents).  Shortly after take-off, I disabled the other restrooms so everyone had to use mine for relief (I charged 50 cents per use but provided free toilet paper, and made a little over $80).  The third insider tip was to book a taxi (all day) as my form of transportation/tour guide.  That cost $100 per day (for three days) and was well worth the expense.  The fourth insider tip was to stay at a private residence (Air BnB) for $45 per night (3-nights).

   Upon return to the Tijuana airport, I used the ‘Cross Border Express’ sky bridge to return to the US.  It cost $15 and was an extremely long walk (up, over, then down and through customs).  I later learned that I could’ve used the ‘El Chapo Commemorative Tunnel’ for $10, thereby avoiding the three flights of stairs up/down at each end.  Apparently, the tunnel has elevators at each end and a Starbucks and Duty Free Shop at the midway point and no customs checkpoint.

   ‘til next time!