Just a few thoughts and observations for the first half of August 2018.

Chicago Duck Derby 2018:  City officials dumped over 66,000 rubber ducks in the river.  So… down the river they go, into the Great Lakes, then most likely into the oceans.  Why don’t we hear loud cries about pollution?  I guess it’s ok because this event proclaims support for Special Olympics.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and the night skies:  How did they see images of Hercules, Cassiopeia, Ursa Minor (Little Bear - we call it the Little Dipper) and Ursa Major (Big Bear - we call it the Big Dipper)?  Could it be because the Greeks were into opioids and the Romans used lead pipes for drinking water?

Parades to honor Service Members:  Everyone’s up-in-arms (pun intended) about the Washington D.C. proposed (and cancelled due to $$) parade.  I remember my time on active duty and various cities that held a parade to honor service members stationed in the community.  I had to give up my time off to march in the damn parade while those ‘honoring’ me got to sit in the stands (drinking beer and eating junk food).  Thanks, but I would have been more ‘honored’ if they marched while I sat in the stands!

Fake News continues (see previous article in this FaceLip series):  Is anyone else dumbfounded by the pontificating ‘investigative’ reporters commenting on recent events?  What kind of question is, “How did you feel when the toy vehicle burst into flames while your children were on it?”  OR, “Why didn’t authorities prevent him from flying the jet and intentionally crashing it?”  Hind sight is always 20/20.  However, if you use that hind sight to pose an ‘intellectual’ question like the aforementioned, then hind sight is actually the fore sight of a jack ass.

Sanitary Blow Dryers:  Why do they have these things when they blow the water on your legs and feet, THEN you have to grab a germy door handle to get out?