So, here we are, well into the second month of 2018.  As most of us are hooked on social media for our news, we have virtually ignored the printed media.  This is the loophole our politicians use to their benefit and our detriment.  Proposals for new laws, and passing of such, MUST be reported to the public.  Therefore, if you want to sneak something past the masses, use the printed press.  You have complied with the requirement of public dissemination, but have conveniently bypassed the backlash of the vast majority reading about the changes.

Proposition 67 was passed into law (with much fanfare) by ballot vote in 2017.  We are now smugly protecting our delicate California environment from the ravages of one-time use plastic bags by paying a small 10-cent fee per bag collected by the CA EPA.  Those of us who are more environmentally correct can opt to pay more for ‘reusable’ plastic bags or by purchasing canvas bags.  We can also elect to have our groceries placed in paper bags.  After all, paper bags are biodegradable and are therefore more environmentally friendly.  Does anyone remember the past argument that plastic was better for the environment as destruction of trees would no longer be required to produce the paper bags (thereby protecting the delicate environment)?

What we failed to realize in jumping on the plastic is evil bandwagon is the 2018 implementation of Proposition 67.1 requirements.  Yes folks, there is more to come.  Other small fees will be added this year in the continuing fight to protect our environment from plastic.  Pay attention to your receipts as new fees for plastic straws, plates, cups, utensils and those evil plastic rings for canned drinks will be levied by the state at a mere 2-cent fee per item.  Obviously, all of these fees have reduced our plastic waste.  Just check with your local landfill authorities for verification.

Proposition 69 will be up on the next ballot.  It is purported to further protect our environment by fees placed on that most deadly nuisance to our waterways - Toilet Paper!  The CA EPA will now be collecting a 1-cent per sheet/square fee for the use of toilet paper.  This will help reduce the impact on our environment.  Perhaps some enterprising sole will invent and market reusable toilet paper.

Where is all this money pouring into the coffers of the CA EPA going?  Is it truly being used to clean up the environment, or is it being used to increase their salaries (while reducing our income)? As toilet paper is biodegradable we could certainly avoid Proposition 69 by placing the used paper in a lidded trash can next to our toilets.  Oops – we’ll probably need to line the can with a plastic bag.