CoVid-19 Scare-Demic:  We are now two years in from the CoVid-19 [19 means the 2019 mutation of the existing Covid virus (previously SARS, CoVid-2 for 2002)] Pandemic Scare.  Yes, it’s still ongoing and it’s a serious viral illness.  However, what have we learned?

2002 CoVid-2: (SARS) hits the news with a vengeance.  However, the “regular” annual flu took precedence in the public mind so SARS was relegated to the back of the bus.

2019-Flu: The CDC published their statistics for the “2019 Annual Flu Season” as 1.0% fatal (mostly for elderly and immune compromised people).  No one cared/noticed as this was normal.

2019-CoVid-19:  A new mutation of the CoVid virus hits the airwaves in the midst of an on-going battle for the “control” of the American Dream (Democrat –vs- Republican). Both parties quickly seized the media to expedite their political vision, corrupting the scientific facts. ALL parties and news-outlets have been reporting the death toll/percentage for the past two years.  They have all consistently reported a “running” total (that means 2 years as opposed to annual) of 1.8% fatal (please note that the “annual flu” is 2% fatal for the same two year period).

2021-CoVid-19 Delta Variant: We must keep going. First it was the Brazilian variant that was going to overrun the US. Then the India variant. Now it’s the Delta variant (which supposedly rests entirely on the shoulders of the unvaccinated). All of these variations of the virus ARE deadly, but the politicians have seized the moment to scare all of us into surrendering our liberties in the name of “the common good” (translate their control).

The REAL Pandemic:  The Annual Flu Virus has been around so long that we -as a society- have become ‘immune’ to its presence.  This variant of the CoVid virus (pay attention to the vials [listed as sars] when you go to get tested) is exceptional and makes for high drama reporting.  It has also made for an opportunity for politicians (we elected them) and bureaucrats (we allowed our politicians to hire them) to convince us to relinquish more of our freedoms and rights (Benjamin Franklin – Any man who surrenders his freedoms to purchase what he thinks of as security, deserves neither).

1. Essential-Worker:  We willingly granted our elected politicians the right to designate our labor as essential or superfluous.  Why is employment at a Big Box company (i.e. Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes) essential during a crisis; while employment at Ho’s Hometown Hardware is not?  The obvious answer is campaign contributions.

2. Shelter-In-Place:  Man, we fell for that!  The scare of the deadly virus caused all 50 States (plus US territories) to allow our elected officials to dictate our freedoms.  The problem now (2021) is that 2-YEARS later we are still allowing them to control our freedom.  The reason for that is allowing Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,) to dictate our beliefs.  Stand Up for what you KNOW is right.  Shelter-In-Place was the boldest attempt at controlling the people, and it worked!

Vaccinate:  Yes! It works. Much like the annual Flu vaccination. Don’t fall for the political NO IT'S TOO EXPERIMANTAL crap.  Our elected officials have been vaccinated, but will boldly tell you, “It’s bad and experimental” while laughing at the Sheeple who fall for their statement.  After all, they want to be the Queen Bee/Ant that we all serve in this hive.

POST PUBLICATION EDIT (12Sep2021): You can check the CDCs website for confirmation of statistics.