It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything to FaceLip.  I’m going to take the socio-politico excuses, used by college educated persons, and blame CoVid-19.  Socially, I am traumatized.  Economically, I am devastated because I am not essential.  Altruistically, I know my personal, politically imposed, sacrifice of self and immediate family is for the greater good of my neighbors, community, and – MOST IMPORTANTLY - my elected officials (to include their families, friends, and compatriots) as they have college degrees and know more than my less than High School level self (three years, then 21+ years of USMC military service).  So….…Here we go:

  It’s almost an entire year later and Trump (,) are still bitching about a stolen election.  It reminds me of those in 2016 who bitched, “How could this have happened?” and then spent 4+ years pushing impeachment proceedings.  The 2016 Election = a huge “get off your ass and vote” movement on the far right.  The 2020 Election = a huge “get of your ass and vote” movement on the far left.  These elections should serve as proof that our Founding Fathers’ concept of government (BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE) works.  The conclusion – Get off Your Ass and Vote!

  President Biden made a ‘Commander In Chief’ decision and ended the 20+ Year War (that is FIVE Presidential election years) in Afghanistan.  This is a ‘war’ in which I am intimately familiar (just as my fore-fathers/seniors are familiar with VietNam).  Thank you Sir, though several years too late.  If you have NOT physically been there for more than a few photogenic hours or days, do NOT pontificate on what should or should not be done (or have happened). Having been there, I’ll state that on an intimate, person-to-person (wining the hearts and minds) level, the general populace did not want our help because they would have to work to keep their new level of ‘freedom’.  This resulted in the constant hiding of insurgents within the ‘passive’ populace.

  Can you blame them?  After we leave – if THEY (our Western conception of people who want to breath free) do not have the backbone and resolve to fight the ‘Dark Ages’ mentality of their currently existing culture, what can our ‘modern’ nations do?  I’m positive the United Nations can issue press releases, papers, modern social media campaigns (you know - fluff).  That is will certainly change Afghanistan’s practices.  As long as the U.N. appointed higher (and college educated/documented with Degrees) personnel do not have to actually do anything other than publish papers and other social media content, we - as a global entity - can rest assured that humanity will continue as hive of Bees or Ants, serving the Queen.