Even More Educated Discussions with College Kids/Recent Grads in the Work Breakroom!

After more than a year* our favorite college educated kid has returned to the work breakroom.  He took a sabbatical to continue his education toward a Bachelor’s Degree (the piece of paper that proves some of you believe you know more than the rest of us).  Now, with a Bachelor’s Degree in hand, promotion to middle-management and continuing his education towards a Master’s Degree (further written proof that some know they’re even smarter than the rest of us uneducated plebes), he flings more “pearls of wisdom” our way.


Social Media is better at reporting the truth than conventional news media.

When asked by another person at the table, why?  His response was that conventional news media is driven by corporate agendas and social media is the truth from an individual.

My 1st question.  So, are you saying that conventional news media has an agenda but individual social media does not?  His response – Exactly!

My 2nd question.  Can conventional news, or some type of group, pose as an individual on social media to report the truth?  His response – No!  All of those platforms have algorithms in place screening to ensure that it’s an individual person and not a corporation or group.

My 3rd question.  So, if the social media platforms allow the publication, the general public can trust that the posting is from an individual -telling the truth- rather than a corporation or group with a specific agenda?  His response – Obviously!

My final question.  Then how do you explain the conclusions of the Mueller report?  His response – A pissed off and dumbfounded look.


Capitalism is more detrimental to a society than socialism.

When asked by another person at the table, why?  His response was that capitalism was all about the individual while socialism was all about society as a whole.

My 1st question.  I think I understand what you’re saying, but could you explain a little further?  His response – Sure.  In capitalism, an individual hordes things while in socialism those things are equally shared.

My 2nd question.  Sorry, I’m still not fully understanding.  Could you give an example using food?  His response – Certainly.  In capitalism food is horded by individuals who can afford it, while in socialism the food is equally distributed to all.

My 3rd question.  I only went to high school for three years and don’t have a college degree like you.  However, if I’m understanding you, we could view the people in this breakroom as a society, correct?  His response (with a smug smile) – Now you’re getting it.

My final question.  If you truly believe socialism is superior to capitalism, why are you hording your lunch rather than sharing it with everyone in this room?  His response – A pissed off and dumbfounded look.


People with college degrees contribute significantly more to the common good than those without degrees.

When asked by another person at the table, why?  His response was that people who went to college to earn a degree sacrificed years of their life in order to study and improve their education for later contribution to the common good.

My 1st question.  Would you agree that our in-home toilets are a significant contribution to the common good over the old fashioned, hole-in-the-ground, outhouse?  His response (with withering facial expression) – Of course!

My 2nd question.  How significant of an impact would the in-home toilet be over the outhouse?  His response (condescending look) – In a city, indoor plumbing removes the waste while an outhouse allows the waste to seep into the ground creating dangerous biological contamination.

My 3rd question.  I see.  So, to whom do we owe this common good?  His response (with a superior and knowing smile) – Sir Thomas Crapper, who was the inventor of the modern toilet.  He was Knighted by Queen Victoria and graduated from Newton College.

My final question.  Actually, Thomas Crapper patented the ball-cock, not the flush valve.  He was never Knighted, and ‘graduated’ from Newton Middle College (what we would call Jr. High).  So, without a college degree, how did he significantly contribute to the common good?  His response – A pissed off and dumbfounded look.


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