By the time I hit 16 years of age I had already been through 5 cars, 2 motorcycles and one tractor that had been modified with a Ford V-8 Flathead engine. Scroll forward to (MANY years) to January of 2005 when I was finally able to afford my very first brand new car, a Hyndai Accent. At the time all I wanted (and this is exaclty what I told the salesman) was a couple of doors, some glass and an engine and I'd be good to go. And that was exactly what I ended up with. It was all I needed at the time as I just didn't want to have to ride a motorcycle to and from work every day.

Now scroll ahead to September of 2020. The poor Accent was starting fall appart at the seams and just wasn't worth the amount of money it was going to cost for the repaires it was in need of. Our close friend "Nurse Mike" had been a fan of Kia for quite a long time and had been through a couple Sportage models as well as a few Soul's when they first came out and has kept up on them ever since. He also knew the dealership quite well and had actually participated in some "think tank" for the Soul. So I asked him if he'd come along with us to look at what they had in stock for the Rio which I really liked. After much discussion, poking and prodding at it, I ended up with a "does ALL this STUFF!" 2020 Kia Rio S Hatchback. I decided that due to my age, I may as well be comfortable and after having driven it for the past month I'm now totally spoiled rotten!!