OK… so you found me… and here I am. I was originally planning to start up a business here but after a lot of thought and reflection upon the years that I worked as an IT Field Technician for small Out-Sourced IT companies I decided to shut down in February of 2013. As a Field Tech, dealing with people that were already frustrated over things not working properly was exceedingly difficult to say the least. So now… this website is really nothing more than a play thing for me. I’m certainly no web developer but I do like to mess around and see what I can do. Other than the occasional new photo album and of course the monthly Chapter Ride Reports I rarely ever update much else. I had originally wanted to setup something for family  and friends to meet at but with the advent of Face Book and its popularity there really isn’t much point in it these days. But hey… I still like to play.  :-)

If you get a call from THIS number: 724-913-3029  I DID NOT RECOMMEND THEM!